Case Studies

Global FMCG leader

How the Sleep School helped the R&D team of one of the world’s largest FMCG companies to perform better during the day by sleeping well at night.

To improve the night time sleep quality and daytime resilience of a high pressured team working across multiple time zones.

Employees were supplied with a series of live onsite weekly events over a three-month period. Core events focused on enhancing employee night time sleep quality, daytime resilience and the ability to switch off at the end of the day. Additional events covered how to effectively manage Jet lag, how to overcome work stress and anxiety, as well as the challenges of being a new parent on getting a good night’s sleep. All employees were provided with The Sleep School’s Professional App offering them digital support to all the tools learnt during the live events, when they need it most.

After 3 months of training employees reported an:
• 88% improvement in their ability to get good quality sleep  
• 83% improvement in their ability to manage stress
• 83% improvement in their ability to switch off and detach from work after work

Case Studies

Leading National Retailer

How The Sleep School helped Britain’s largest bed retailer to get better quality sleep

To help hundreds of Bensons for Beds employees across 270 stores nationwide to achieve good quality sleep on a regular basis, especially during the busy peak Christmas trading period. To provide Bensons for Beds employees with essential sleep education to pass onto their customers to improve the nations sleep.

Initial surveys of both employee and customer sleeping habits enabled the creation of a bespoke Sleep School Sleep Accreditation programme for Bensons for Beds employees. Employees completed monthly modules via an instore e-learning learning platform to increase their knowledge and understanding of sleep regulation, optimum lifestyle and bedroom habits and sleep disorders. This knowledge was then used to improve their own sleeping habits, as well as their customers.

After 1 year of employee training:
o 51% employees report using the sleep knowledge ‘A lot – Very Much’ to improve their own personal sleeping habits.
o 43% report significant improvements in their sleep quality, with 28% reporting ‘Very good to Excellent’ sleep (a 4-fold increase).
o 37% report improvements in daytime energy
o 60% report regularly using their new sleep knowledge for their job specifically when speaking with customers

Case Studies

‘Big 4’ Management Consultancy

How The Sleep School helped 100 of one of the ‘Big 4’ management consultants’ most stressed departments.

Like many management consultancies the employees have very high workloads and very demanding clients, which results in them often working late and starting early. The challenge was to help the employees achieve the best possible sleep and recovery in the limited amount of time available, enabling them to perform at their very best every day. Department experienced following issues :
• Not enough time for sleep and ever increasing sleep debt
• No regular sleep pattern with constant late nights and early starts
• Inability to switch of the mind at the point of sleep
• Inability to sleep when travelling for work
• Constantly waking up feeling unrefreshed and underperforming
The Sleep School’s Professional app was used to survey all employees to understand sleep needs prior to engagement event. Away day held to educate employees on how best to achieve good quality sleep in the face of high work demands and pressures. All employees provided with The Sleep School Professional app to allow continued practice and learning following the away day.
Employee Feedback following the session
• 100% rated the session content as either 'Extremely' or 'Very' useful.
• 76% rated the content as 'Extremely' or 'Very' relevant to their working life.
• 76% reported that they would be 'Extremely' or 'Very' likely to use the content in their working life.
• 82% said that they would be 'Extremely' or 'Very' likely to recommend the content to other management consultants.