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Our Purpose

We can supercharge your wellbeing and performance by enabling you to manage stress, switch off from work and sleep well in the time you have available

Who we help

We’ve helped tens of thousands of high performing professionals in the world’s leading companies

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Global leaders in wellbeing & performance

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Sleep School for Professionals App
Mental Health & Sleep Support - created by experts.

Our app helps busy working professionals to:
  • Manage work pressure so it doesn’t turn into emotional or mental stress
  • Switch off from work life and transition to family home life more easily
  • Achieve the best quality sleep possible in the time you have available
Key App Features:
  • Sleep School Survey: Identify your stress and sleep quality levels
  • Compare: See how you compare to the national average
  • Report & Recommendations: Clinically proven tools recommended to help you improve in the areas you need most help with
  • 11 Essential Tools: Manage daytime stress, transition from work to home life, and boost your sleep quality
  • Guided Tool Audio Content: Over 12 hours of guided audio content to help you develop long-lasting positive behaviour change
  • Sleep Help Library: A library of HD quality filmed video content presented by Dr. Guy Meadows answering the most frequently asked questions about how to manage work pressure effectively and sleep better
  • Download the app for free
  • Subscribe to all content for: £39.99 / Yearly
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Strategic Approach

Every programme we create is bespoke - because every business is unique.

  • Analyse

    We analyse your workforce's stressors and sleep needs & identify target groups

  • Build

    We build bespoke sleep education programmes specific to your company's needs

  • Educate

    We educate employees with highly engaging live events & digital products

  • Support

    We suport high need individuals and groups with private clinics and workshops

  • Measure

    We measure the impact & effectiveness of our programmes

Results & Case Studies

Average before and after programme results

  • 69% improvement in daytime stress management
  • 81% improved their ability to separate work from home
  • 88% saw improvements in their overall sleep quality
(Post Sleep School Professional programme results, conducted with 3 FTSE 100 companies, 2016)

Client Reviews

  • Alison Fox
    Corporate Communications Manager
    “I attended The Sleep School's talk as part of our wellbeing programme's Sleep Day. I found the content relevant and interesting but, most importantly, everything was grounded in science. I gained an insight into the nature of sleep, why we need it and what happens when we don’t get enough. I also came away with a lot of practical tips for how to optimise sleep. An interesting and highly useful talk!”
  • Olaf Dehnbostel
    Global HR Director Personal Care
    "The Sleep School Professional Programme is a highly practical & relevant programme which changed my attitude towards sleep as a performance-enhancing activity. Highly recommended as a team development element to strengthen resilience and performance."
  • Kate Jones
    Student Support and Wellbeing Manager
    “The Sleep School seminars offer practical advice and tips delivered in a refreshing, engaging way. Usually delivered in the lead up to the examinations period when our students are getting very little sleep due to stress and worries, the seminars are always tailored to the issues most affecting the students, making it very one of our most popular wellbeing talks.”
  • Louise Ablewhite
    HR Director
    “The Sleep School came and did four sessions with us as part of an month long program aimed at promoting employee health & happiness – they were the stars of the show! Friendly, fun, useful and engaging – I am asked constantly when they will be coming back.”
  • David Wherrett
    Director of Workforce
    “The Sleep School program was an exceptionally well-received event, giving attendees a real insight into tools and techniques to get a good night’s sleep. There was a real sense of shared understanding of things we all can benefit from. The conversations about the program have lasted well beyond the event with many commenting that their sleep patterns had improved.”
  • Vicky Rose
    Head of Reward, Wellbeing and Global Mobility
    “We recently ran a four week Sleep Programme delivered by The Sleep School. The sessions were a great mixture of facts, figures and useful tools to take away. It was delivered with enthusiasm and humour which created some very engaging sessions. As the programme continued, employees were giving feedback on how they had utilised some of the tools provided and how it had started to help them in their day to day life, proving that a real difference was being made. We had regular high attendance at the sessions and I would recommend The Sleep School to anyone considering this topic.”
  • Tanya Shakespeare
    Compliance Director
    “The Sleep School offered a fascinating insight into the science behind why we need to sleep, and why it so often goes wrong. The workshop was packed with practical tips for those who find sleep difficult. Understanding the reasons behind the common pitfalls brings the subject to life and dramatically improves the likelihood of absorbing the key messages, getting a better night’s sleep and, ultimately, performing better during the day.”
  • Sasha Melnik
    Regional EMEA Co-Lead
    “The Sleep School provided an interactive and informative session, filled with practical tips on how to improve sleep. The session was catered to our working lives, sharing meaningful tools that can be used on a daily basis.”
  • Jenny Lloyd
    Diversity and Wellbeing Advisor
    “The Sleep School recently attended Linklaters to deliver a lunchtime talk for members of staff. The talk was excellent, with the content having been tailored to meet the needs of the audience. The feedback was incredibly positive, and I have been personally sleeping much better as a result!”
  • Anne Gilding
    Head of Brand and Communications
    “We had a great turnout for The Sleep School's Sleep Essentials session at Impax, it was obviously a topic of interest or concern to many of us. The Sleep School highlighted how our sleeping habits compared to that of the national average. It was really useful to understand why we struggle to get a good night’s sleep. We were given us just enough science and information on brain function to explain why this happens and some really useful tools and techniques - which we hope will lead to a more refreshed and productive company!”
  • Sarah Strain
    Experience and Event Executive, Not On The High Street
    "For many of our staff The Sleep School’s Professional Programme was their first insight into the importance of sleep on performance. The engaging and informative sessions hit a chord with our staff many of who are still feeling the benefits to this day."
  • Laura King
    Partner, Global Head of HR and Talent
    "The Sleep School have provided really useful sessions for our teams: Dr Meadows can detail the most cutting-edge science on the benefits of sleep and its impact on our ability to perform and thrive; however, the session also covers very practical and useful information for changes every one of us can readily make today to make incremental improvements in our sleep, and ultimately our overall health. A great session to offer to our teams."