Sleep School - Schools

Inspiring children about the power of their sleep

Our Mission

To wake children, teachers and parents up to the importance of sleep via engaging sleep education programmes.
We teach children the tools to sleep well for life.


Average cognitive improvements in school children after

experiencing the Sleep School - Schools’ Programme:

  • 57%
    improvement in

    memory recall

  • 44%
    increase in

    focus & attention

  • 61%
    increase in

    problem solving ability

(Honley High Students filmed in BBC Panorama Documentary, March 2017)
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School's Sleep Education Programme

Inspiring school children about the importance of sleep

  • Presentations
    Content includes:
    • The impact of good and poor quality sleep on mental, emotional and physical performance
    • The role of good quality sleep for good health and well-being
    • Advice on how much sleep is needed for each age group
    • Understanding sleep regulation such as sleep stages, cycles and timing
    • Helpful and unhelpful bedtime routines
    • Guided exercises to help calm a racing mind and manage anxieties
    • How to wake up feeling refreshed, energised and happy
  • Key Stages
    We engage:
    • Key Stage 2 - Health Awareness
    • Key Stage 4 - GCSE Pressure
    • Key Stage 5 - A Level Pressure
    PHSE Integration
    Our sessions fit into the 2017 PHSE Syllabus under:
    "Healthy Balanced Lifestyle"
Presentations are delivered by:
  • Dr. Guy Meadows
    Dr. Guy Meadows

    Guy is a co-founder of The Sleep School and our schoolsal Director

  • Dr. Claire Durant
    Dr. Claire Durant

    Claire is a neuro-pharmacologist passionate about educating on the importance of sleep.

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Panorama Documentary

‘Britain’s Sleepless Children’

In January 2017, we worked with the BBC Panorama team to investigate the impact that sleep education could have on school childrens’ cognitive performance.

The Sleep School Schools’ programme helped Honley High School, Holmfirth students increase total sleep time by 1.5 hours and decrease daytime sleepiness levels by 38%.

Watch the show to see the full results.

Watch show on BBC iPLAYER

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