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The quality of our sleep determines the quality of our daytime cognitive and emotional performance
We enable employees to reach their full potential every day by delivering sleep education events, digital sleep products and on-going support.
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Poor sleep negatively impacts on the brains cognitive and emotional performance

Reduced Pre-frontal Cortex Activity

Focus & Attention Reduces

Good Judgement Impairs

Memory Recall Decreases

Creative Problem Solving Diminishes

Communication Ability Lowers


Increased Limbic System Activity

Greater emotional instability

Increased irrational thinking

Enhanced negative view of self and others

Increased negative outlook

Increased vulnerability to poor mental health


Sleep Education Events

Live Workshops
Live Webinars

Digital Products

Online Course

On-going Support

Private Clinics
Target Group Workshops

Average before and after program results from Sleep To Perform clients (November 2016):


69% reported improvements in their ability to manage daytime stress.


81% experienced improvements in their ability to detach from work and connect with their home-lives after work.


88% saw improvements in their sleep quality.


"Sleep To Perform is a highly practical & relevant programme which changed my attitude towards sleep as a performance-enhancing activity. Highly recommended as a team development element to strengthen resilience and performance."

Olaf Dehnbostel - Global HR Director Personal Care

"For many of our staff the 'Sleep to Perform' session was their first insight into the importance of sleep on performance. The engaging and informative sessions hit a chord with our staff many of who are still feeling the benefits of his advice to this day."

Sarah Strain - Experience and Event Executive

“The Sleep To Perform program was an exceptionally well received event, giving attendees a real insight into tools and techniques to get a good night’s sleep. There was a real sense of shared understanding of things we all can benefit from. The conversations about the program have lasted well beyond the event with many commenting that their sleep patterns had improved.”

David Wherrett, Director of Workforce, Cambridge University Hospital

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