Workshop Information


26 Attendees (Max)

Central London location

Presented by Sleep School Sleep Doctor

Benefits of the Weekend Workshops

Learn The Sleep School approach in one day

More stimulating experience with larger group number

Ideal for both people living in the London area and UK

What you will learn

Why you insomnia started and what's keeping it fuelled

How to achieve good quality sleep every night

How to sleep naturally without being reliant on medication

The essential tools needed to free yourself from your insomnia for good

What to expect

The sleep school approach delivered live across it's 5 essential steps

A mix of educational presentation, discussion and teaching by a Sleep School doctor

A stimulating environment to learn about sleep and your insomnia

What you will not have to do

Delve into your past or give your life story to complete strangers

Who the Weekend Workshops are for

Anyone who:

Struggles to get to sleep, maintainsleep, wakes up too early or does not sleep

Has become reliant on pills potions and props to sleep

Can't stop their mind racing or night-time anxiety levels rising

Whether you have had Insomnia for 4 weeks or 40 years - we can help

100% Client Recommended

We are extremely proud to say 100% of our 500 + workshop attendees in 2015, 2016 and 2017

said they would ‘Highly Recommend’ or ‘Recommend’ our events to other insomniacs